Sometimes, cancellations happen,and I completely understand that. If one of your family members is sick (especially a little one), it's always best to cancel, as babies and toddlers are generally miserable when they aren't feeling well. However, there are times when clients cancel simply because something has come up (an event they'd like to attend, something else they would rather do, etc), and unfortunately, those types of cancellations happen as well. For scheduling purposes, I only allow one cancellations before I then will require a booking/rescheduling fee to hold your session date and time if you'd like to reschedule. The booking/rescheduling fee ($40) is non-refundable. If you keep your session date and time, that fee will be applied to your session cost on the day of your appointment. If you would have to cancel, the $40 booking fee becomes your cancellation fee, and you'll have to pay another booking fee if you decide to try and reschedule. I take my  clients' time very seriously and would only cancel in the event of an emergency, and appreciate it when they take my time into consideration also.